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LOVE is a charitable, not for profit organization that uses innovative arts and self-expression based techniques to assist violence-affected youth in transforming their life experiences into peace-making work. LOVE fosters the cultivation of leadership and life skills. Our unique approach is building a community of people who have the ability to reduce the effects of violence in their own lives and help others do the same. They do so through art, discussions, media arts projects, community outreaches and by being mentors and role models to other people in the community.

LOVE shapes programming around the life experiences of our youth. LOVE youth are witnesses to, perpetrators and victims of, violence. They define violence as “….anything that hurts”. At LOVE, we address violence as a cyclical behavior that is learned, and recognize that our youth are the most effective educators about the causes and alternatives to violence. Our programming development is guided by the voice of our youth, and we continuously consult with them in the formulation of our vision.

LOVE builds community. LOVE youth reach out to, and connect with, thousands of youth, adults, and groups throughout our communities every year, through youth driven presentations, and workshops. Our youth share their art and their experience with community members to uncover the root causes, effects and alternatives to violence. Community members gain a higher understanding of social justice, youth culture and gain access to the valuable LOVE youth insight into, and perspective on, the issues that are important to young people today.

LOVE creates safe space, a family vibe, and the spirit of acceptance at the core of our work. Through strong, meaningful relationships we achieve the highest quality of programs that support youth in their journey of uncovering their inner brilliance, skills, abilities and strengths. With these elements combined, our youth form a solid foundation on which to build their healthy, happy, and successful lives upon.